Las Coloradas


Discover a spectacle of colors, a wonder of nature, located in the Yucatan Peninsula.

We are talking about Las Coloradas, the home of Mexico's #1 sea salt.


Pink lagoon

The main factor that affects the pink color of Las Coloradas is the presence of microorganisms which develop in salt saturated environments which produce pigments that give a pink tone to the waters.

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Laguna Rosa Sal
Laguna Rosa Sal

El principal factor que interviene en el color rosa de Las Coloradas es la presencia de halobacterias, las cuales subsisten en ambientes saturados de sal, y que producen pigmentos de color rojizo.

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Other factors that are equally important for the harmony of this spectacle are: crystallization of the sea salt, which makes the sun to reflect stronger, the fine white sand, and the thorough quality control of the water salinity.

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Our Tours

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Crystallizer Tour

Gain access to the pink waters, and learn about how we maintain an ecological process of salt extraction, for an organic production.

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Safari Tour

An unforgettable tour in the heart of the biggest salt factory in the mexican southeast.

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Bicycle Tour

Cruise around the pink waters on a bicycle, and learn about the process of sea salt extraction.

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Respect for nature

The level of care that we have for the water salinity, is not only reflected in the high quality standards of our salt, but also in the diversity of the species of flora and fauna that live in our saline system.

As a part of these actions, and to warrant care for the protected species, we work in tandem with the CONANP (National Commission of Protected Natural Areas), as well as NGO's.

The main result of these efforts is the pink flamingo (Phoenicopterus ruber), which, at the start of our venture we about 2,000 in the whole area, and now their population is over 30,000 birds.

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Tortuga Marina

Sea turtles preservation

Other species of great importance for the Las Coloradas family are the Hawksbill sea turtle (Eretmochelys imbricata), and the Green sea turtle (Chelonia mydas). These turtles visit our beaches every year to build around 3,500 nests, which represent about 350,000 eggs. Through careful preservation programs of the species, we manage to get 80% of the turtles into the sea.

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Leading quality in the market

By joining ecological means with state of the art tech, we can achieve maximum quality in all of our products, making us the salt factory with the purest and most natural salt of the market.

Our brands Roche in grain are industry leaders in Mexico, and our table salt brands are preferred because of their natural origins and added minerals. For all of this, Sal Sol has positioned itself as the #1 sea salt in Mexico.